Report of the Goatry Project

Supported by Jauary 2016

Matru Schaya Social Centre aims at reducing abject and dehumanizing condition of poverty through different thematic programs implemented for the holistic development of the poor and the marginalized. The organization has spread its wings in four districts of Amravati, Akola, Nagpur and Thane.

Matru Schaya very thankfully acknowledges our Donors for their kind consideration of support to the poor and needy families of Bhandaraj and Karla villages of Anjangaon block in Amravati district through Goatry project. With the blessing of the Almighty and through the generosity of benefactors like you in the month of January 2016 we were able to support 30 families by giving goats

First and foremost we made the survey by visiting the families in both the villages and selected the most poor and needy families. After the survey they all were invited for the meeting through which they were instructed about this goatry project. While introducing this project they were clearly given the idea of sustainability of the project for which they all agreed and thus the day was fixed to purchase the goats from the market.

On 11th January 2016 all the beneficiaries were present to choose their own goat in the market. Every one chose their goat according to their choice and was purchased. Goats were of different prizes and of different sizes. As they made their own choice all of them were very happy and satisfied.

On 5th March 2016 all the goats were done insurance under the government scheme so that in case anything happens to the goat they will be able to buy another goat from recovered money.

They all are very grateful for your love and interest towards the growth and development of their families. They express their heartfelt gratitude’s and ask God’s blessings on you and your family.

We too say big thanks for extending your loving and generous hand to help our poor families. We pray to God to bless you and your family and grant success in all your undertakings.

Once again thank you very much for your support and keen interest in the process of development of the people.

Sr. Sangeeta Pereira